Who do you love?

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Who do you love?

It seems like the beginning of the year is filled with landmines targeting our self-esteem and sense of self-worth.  January has its focus on changing who we are through resolutions, and February seems to have its focus on defining us only by how we’re loved by someone else.

I say NO.

Make this February the month you decide to love YOURSELF, for who you are RIGHT
NOW.  Make a list of things you are that are lovable – it doesn’t have to be all-inclusive, just get at least 3 things down on paper that you are that you love about yourself.  I’ll start:


  • I am willing to be goofy, pretty much anywhere.
  • I go ALL IN when I do things.
  • I make stuff.


These are things I am or do that I love about me.  You have them, too.  Taking a moment this month to celebrate yourself, by yourself, for yourself is well worth your time and attention.

You can celebrate your love for others as well, of course, and any holiday that involves chocolate and little candies that talk to you is tops in my book.

I want you to remember to start with you.