Thanksgiving Thank You

Empowerment Center

Thanksgiving Thank You

I have a silly job, when you boil it down.  I stand in front of a room full of ladies and jump around with a smile on my face for hour-long sessions.  I sweat for a living.  My industry and profession do not receive immediate respect like that given to doctors and lawyers, and we certainly don’t make large amounts of money.

But I do make a difference.

On this day of giving thanks (no matter how conflicted a holiday it is on a historical level) I was given the gift of purpose, and I am beyond thankful for the reminder that my silly job is important in the grand scheme of things.

The studio is more than just a place to sweat or learn.  It is a place where women and girls find solace and have the chance to build themselves up instead of down.  It is a place where community is a tangible force of good.  It is a place where strength is found, beyond what we do for muscle groups.  And it is a place where I am lucky enough to visit 6 days a week, filled with some of the most wonderful women and girls you’ll ever meet.Studio Ladies

Thank you, Hip Circle Studio ladies – you are important, strong, and wonderful.  You each matter.  You each change the world just by being you every day.

Thank you.