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Empowerment Center

Two Years to a New You!

Two Years to a New You! It’s time to bring back our Body Positivity Photo Shoot after a pandemic hiatus, in a way that is as different as we all are. When sheltering-in-place and quarantining started back in March of 2020 none of us realized what was in store, or how much we’d change in…
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Picture of Women with visible Gray Hairs

Gray Hair, Do Care – 2018 Body Positivity Photo Shoot

With one day to spare, we squeezed in our 2018 Body Positivity Photo Shoot on Sunday, 12/30/18. Instead of focusing on a policed item of clothing (like bathing suits, shorts, and sleeveless tops), we went a different direction this year. Gray hair is something women are taught to fear (much like anything deemed to be a…
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