LOCAL Places I Go

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LOCAL Places I Go

I’ve become a huge supporter of the “Shop Local” movement since opening the studio. I’ve always liked neighborhood shopping over the mall environment, but it wasn’t until being a local business that I realized how important these shops are to their communities. So, where/how do I shop local? Here are my regular spots! This is not an all-inclusive list, though, just a few of the spots I go to on a regular basis.


Eric - Chef & owner of La Principal

Eric – Chef & owner of La Principal

I find myself at La Principal pretty regularly since they opened. They’re a block away from the studio, AND they have $4 tacos!

We are lucky enough to have had Ward 8 open up around the corner from us, and my husband and I have been weekly regulars from the beginning. Classic cocktails, awesome bartenders, and a really sweet neighborhood vibe keep us coming back.

Brothers K is my go-to coffee (and green tea) stop. The drinks are delicious and seem to be made with love. The Mayberry effect is in full-force here, so I’m pretty much guaranteed to see someone I know every time I stop in.

Things to do:

Cultivate - during the Warm Bevvy Walk

Cultivate – during the Warm Bevvy Walk

Cultivate Urban Rainforest is a great spot to visit. All of the plants really make it feel like you’ve entered a forest! So far, though, the workshops have been my favorite. I’ve done two workshops and am always on the lookout for the next one that will fit into my schedule.

Collage Café doesn’t serve coffee, but they do have this great workroom in the back of the shop. I’ve only made it to one Grown Up Girls Club so far, but I’m already plotting my return and keeping an eye out for other workshops.

The Wine Goddess could fit into the Food/Drink category, but I’ve been to more events there so I’m putting them here. I’ve been to a concert, some wine tasting events, and a really fun food/wine pairing class.


Jaime - Owner of Stumble & Relish

Jaime – Owner of Stumble & Relish

True confession: I’m not much of a shopper. BUT, when I do need to find a gift I have 4 options:

If I’m going to MAKE a gift, I go to either Vogue Fabrics or Montoya Fiber Studio – sometimes both – to get my project done. Each of these shops provide so much variety and help. So awesome!

If I’m going to BUY a gift, I go to either seejanesparkle or Stumble & Relish. These are both jam packed with options, and I’m always able to find the perfect gift.

Your turn! Where do YOU go to keep things local?