I Am No Bird

Empowerment Center

I Am No Bird

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me:

I am a free human being with an independent will.”

Emily Bronte


So many women (and men, and people who fall outside the binary genders) are sharing their pain through the #metoo posts. The experiences of sexual harassment and assault are often traumatic and can very easily leave us feeling ensnared – I know I have felt trapped in the past and that the highlight on those past experiences has left me feeling really raw this week.

I also know that Emily Bronte was right – We are free humans. We do have independent will. We have survived in spite of it all. I choose every day to surround myself with wonderful people.  I see the strength of the women and girls who come to Hip Circle, and the support we all share.  I see the awareness and support from the male allies in my life.

We need to keep being, keep talking, and keep living our lives without apology. We need to remember we are not in any way at fault for the harassment or assault others have perpetrated. And we need to speak up for those around us – change can happen. It has to happen.

-Malik Turley
Change Instigator, Executive Director