Hip Circle as a Global Community

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Hip Circle as a Global Community

Hip Circle as a Global Community
After 12 years of serving our community through a brick-and-mortar studio Hip Circle is 100% online and going global. To support both our mission and our community we have created a virtual studio space in which our members can connect. While you’ll still find our public pages on Facebook and Instagram to reach new people, we decided against the idea of using these social media platforms for deeper connection due to the prevalence of ads, many of which go against our mission and values, in these spaces, not to mention the funky algorithms that may or may not show you our latest updates.

Hip Circle Empowerment Center is selling the studio equipment and moving all classes online to expand access to our programming.

In our new Online Community, we have layers of connections. Along with the main HCEC feed (relatively public) and our virtual studio space (private and only open to past and current students), we also have private circles for each workshop where attendees can discuss class and share related content to enhance the benefits of attending the workshop. Another perk is FREE live classes weekly as well as an option to upgrade and access our digital library (coming soon!) of past live streams so you can work out on YOUR schedule. Introducing: community.hipcircle.org!

Our online community is an intentional step away from BIG social media in favor of a more carefully curated experience. Now we need YOU to help us make it great!

When you join our community you can:

  • Find respite from diet culture,
  • participate in polls about potential new classes/workshops,
  • dig deeper into topics broached in classes & workshops, work out with us without being on screen,
  • keep up to date on our latest news,
  • give (and get) support in good company,
  • take asynchronous classes and workshops,
  • and more!
  • Will you join us? https://community.hipcircle.org/


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    1. Dana Pearl says:

      Hopefully I’ll be able to join the community and start taking online classes later this year, as my schedule permits.

      And “funky algorithms” would be a great name for a band.

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