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Gentle Yoga is just like it sounds–a gentle way to practice yoga. You will be guided into poses at a slower more gentle pace and the poses will be adapted to your level and comfort as you progress through the course. This class is perfect for beginners or experienced yogis. It will allow you to experience yoga at your pace and continue to grow your practice. Feel free to bring your own mat from home or borrow a mat from the center!

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Add heart-pumping music to your favorite kettlebell moves and you get strength-building fun! This lass can be modified to fit any fitness level and can select kettlebells in 5, 8, and 10-pound weights so everyone can be successful!

This class is limited to a maximum of 6 students, creating a group training class feel. The small class size also allows for extra attention on form and stance to help students get the most out of the workout.

We recommend students wear standard workout attire that breathes is best. Gym shoes, running shoes, or cross trainers are best for footwear. Some mat work is involved so feel free to bring your own yoga mat or borrow one of ours. A reusable water bottle is recommended, we also have a refreshment station at the studio to keep you hydrated during your workout!

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Moxie BoxingGet your blood pumping while throwing punches (and kicks) in this boxing-inspired workout designed specifically for women. Blending traditional elements with boxing moves makes for a fun hour of fitness that provides a total-body workout. You will be punching and kicking the air with the help of weights and practice punches with gloves and pads during the modified circuit version of this class.

New to boxing or fitness? No problem! This class is taught with high/low impact & intensity modifications built-in. Need more of a boost? We can dial the intensity up, too.

Standard fitness attire is recommended, with basic gym shoes (running, cross-training, or center) on your feet. You’ll want water during class, so either bring a reusable water bottle of your own or use our cups. We will do core work so you can either bring your own yoga mat or borrow one of ours.

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Focus on your core muscles in this all-levels, Pilates class. Pilates is for all body types and all fitness levels – it does so much good for your body, and the way we teach it here is 100% accessible.

Take a look at “Pilates Mat – An Expectations Post” on our blog for more information!

Bring your own mat or borrow one of ours. Props will be provided as necessary for modification. Socks with grips or bare feet, form-fitting workout attire is suggested.

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Get stronger! This fully-adaptable strength/cardio class features strength training using a variety of methods and shifting in focus each week. The emphasis is on toning and strengthening ALL of your muscles in a safe and fun way. We'll spend most of our time in a circle so we can support (and sometimes distract) each other through the workout. Click here to check out the upcoming Strength Circle schedule and book your visit!

Increase overall strength and flexibility Attend this weekly series that flows through upper body, core and lower body strength and stretch exercises to improve posture, stamina, and range of motion. This class welcomes women of all experience levels and focuses on form and accuracy while incorporating new techniques and equipment each week to keep things fun and interesting. You will gain a better understanding and confidence in how to work, loosen and reward specific muscles.

Students must be 12+ to attend solo and as young as 8 with an adult.

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Stretch & Roll - grab your foam roller and exercise ball for this mat class and give your body what it needs as you close out the week. We'll go through a series of positions and movements using these round tools and our bodies to lengthen and relax muscles all over the body.

Things you'll need:

  • Foam Roller
  • Exercise Ball (the large ones you can sit on)
  • Mat (optional)
  • A strap (optional)

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