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Kettlebell AMPD™

Add heart-pumping music to your favorite kettlebell moves and you get strength-building fun! This lass can be modified to fit any fitness level and can select kettlebells in 5, 8, and 10-pound weights so everyone can be successful!

This class is limited to a maximum of 6 students, creating a group training class feel. The small class size also allows for extra attention on form and stance to help students get the most out of the workout.

We recommend students wear standard workout attire that breathes is best. Gym shoes, running shoes, or cross trainers are best for footwear. Some mat work is involved so feel free to bring your own yoga mat or borrow one of ours. A reusable water bottle is recommended, we also have a refreshment station at the studio to keep you hydrated during your workout!

Give it a try and get ready to sweat! Click here to check out the upcoming Kettlebell AMPD schedule and book your visit!

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