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Bellydance BaseFusion™

Bellydance BaseFusion™ Students

Start yourself off strong in Bellydance BaseFusion™.

Yes, you CAN bellydance, and this class is designed to show you how. Zero experience required, you can wear whatever is comfortable, and the pace is just right for learning new things. We focus on individual moves in this class (we leave the layering for Bellydance TechFusion™!) and play with simple traveling patterns so you can gain mastery of the basics.

ALL dancers, regardless of how long you’ve been bellydancing, are encouraged to spend time in Bellydance BaseFusion™. It is a great foundation for CardioBelly™, Bellydance FlairFusion™, and Bellydance TechFusion™, as well as being a place where dancers with more experience can focus back in on the key elements to keep their technique solid.

We dance barefoot in this class. You can bring your own hip scarf/coin belt or borrow one of ours. You are welcome to show your belly or keep it covered – whatever feels right for you on any given day. This class is open to women of all ages and girls 12 and up can come on their own (girls under 12 are welcome to attend with a parent/guardian participating in the class alongside them).

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