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Hip Circle Meeting SpaceLooking for a novel space for your next meeting? Hip Circle Empowerment Center is available for meeting rentals! Casual meetings tend to be the best fit (shoes come off at the door, for example) and low-tech is recommended.
Throughout history, women have gathered to support, celebrate, and encourage each other through all the stages of life. What better way to celebrate a woman’s marriage or pregnancy than to return to the dance that evolved in women’s circles to support women. Make Bellydance the centerpiece of an unforgettable birthday party, whether she’s turning sweet 16 or celebrating her sixth decade! Let Malik help you combine entertainment, education, and lots of fun into a memorable party! Here are some examples of some Bellydance party packages (though the sky’s the limit!): Hip Circle Studio Parties
      • 30 minutes - warm-up - basic belly dance moves - one dance game
      • 45 minutes - all of the above PLUS additional dance game
      • One hour - warm-up - basic belly dance moves - short choreography
Package parties can be held at the center or at a location of your choosing. If belly dance isn’t your thing, inquire about our fitness and knitting parties as well! Looking for something to do at work? Malik offers interactive in-service presentations focusing on health, wellness, and self-care! Contact us today to plan your party!
Learn to teach dance and fitness to those who identify as women and girls through this innovative and empowering training approach. The intention of our Empowering through Movement™ 100-hour Teacher Training (EtM) program is to transmit our methodology and philosophy of teaching dance/fitness to those who identify as women. 2020 Cohort Details:
  • The cohort will meet for group study and practice one Sunday and one Tuesday each month from September – January in addition to completing self-study assignments and student teaching in February and March.
  • Attendance at all sessions (Thursdays 7-9 pm; Sundays 3-5 pm; exact dates available in application) is expected.
  • The personal financial investment for this training is $1200 (sliding scale options are available) and includes:
    • all training materials,
    • cohort instruction sessions,
    • CPR certification, and
    • a 6-month Full-Circle membership to Hip Circle Empowerment Center
    • (total value of over $1600 dollars)
  • Applications for the 2020/21 cohort will be accepted from May 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020.
  • Successful graduates of the program will have:
    • learned and integrated the Empowering through Movement methodology,
    • developed their own course from start to finish,
    • led a 6-week workshop to demonstrate their knowledge, AND
    • earned their Empowering through Movement™ certification.
If you’re ready to take charge of your health and fitness, working with a personal trainer can be the perfect way to get and stay on track. By taking advantage of the one-on-one format, you’ll benefit from personalized attention and guidance that will extend beyond the workout session. You can train monthly, weekly, or anywhere in between depending on what works best for your fitness goals.  All personal training at Hip Circle Empowerment Center starts with an evaluation session where you’ll test to see where you’re starting in terms of strength, endurance, heart-health, and more.  Goal setting will also happen at the evaluation which will help you and your trainer establish a fitness plan.

Public Rates

  • $75 per hour solo
  • $100 per hour duet, if you want to train with a workout buddy!

Member Rates:

  • $50 per hour solo for Half-Circle Members $40 per hour solo for Full-Circle Members

Please note both participants must be members for duet rates.

  • $75 per hour duet for members
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Women business owners supporting each other – that’s what it’s all about! Ribbon Cutting June 2012eLooking for support from other women business owners? Want to offer support as well? Join the Women’s Business Empowerment Workgroup and get the help you need to move your business to the next phase, while helping others to do the same. Let’s work together to flourish and show the next generation what is possible!
    Owning a business, especially as a woman, is hard.  It can be isolating.  When you come up against problems it can be easy to forget all the wisdom you’ve accumulated along the way and how smart your intuition really is most of the time.  The WBEW gives you a chance to benefit from all the wisdom in the room when it comes to fixing/growing/developing your business, AND  the chance to feel and share the wisdom you bring to the table while helping the other women in the room.  In addition to the problem-solving exercises, each session will feature information on best practices and areas of potential growth & development from Malik – yes, there will be homework.
      The members of the workgroup will commit to working together for 6 months, meeting twice a month. Each member’s business is guaranteed the focus at a minimum of one session. Only one business per industry will be included in each workgroup so there is room for honest sharing, and the workgroup is limited to 10 members.  The investment to participate in the workgroup is $300 per person.
        Interested? Contact Malik with questions. The next workgroup will kick off in the Spring of 2020, and applications are available via email.
Raise a real glass around a virtual table! The Hip Circle Happy Hour will be full of all the community of our classes with none of the sweat. 🙂 Come together to laugh or cry (whatever you need) via zoom and find respite in the good company.

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