Empowerment Center


Our mission is clear: Through dance, fitness, and community we empower ALL women to believe they are strong, beautiful, and worthy of attention.

How does this relate to the horiffic events in Charlottesville, VA?

The hate displayed this weekend, both in the actions of the marchers and in the explanations/denials/excuses offered on their behalf, robs us of power, strips away beauty, and deems specific groups as unworthy of existence in this country. People of color and Jews – women, men, and anyone who identifies anywhere along the gender spectrum– are being told through these actions that they are less-than. That message needs to be stopped. The hate needs to be stopped. We need to replace that hateful rhetoric with a message of solidarity and support.

I stand before you as a woman, a woman of color, a Jewish woman of color, and I say hate has no home at Hip Circle Empowerment Center. All women are welcome here, and we celebrate each woman who enters the center for who they are – period. I see you, and I welcome you. I will stand up for you and stand with you.

-Malik Turley
Change Instigator, Executive Director