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Empowerment Center

Incoming Women US Senators

Excitement Is In the Air (almost)

Excitement Is In the Air (almost)By Malik Turley The news (on my Facebook feed, anyway) is full of excitement about the women newly elected to serve in the House and the Senate, and the announcement of a woman running for president. I want to be excited, too. I’m not – yet. Don’t get me wrong…
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Picture of Wrapped Gift

Give Yourself a Gift

Holiday Stress? Give Yourself a Gift Susan Emery My boss frequently uses the expression “Be a duck.  Let it roll off your back, “ to make sure thefrequent change, intense pressures, and weighted emotions that come at our team daily don’t throw off our ability to perform or distract from our priorities.  This is a…
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Picture of Woman in Street of Urban Setting

Your Body is Amazing

Our bodies really are amazing – the things they can do, what they can withstand, the variety in how they’re put together all on the same basic theme. If anything else this amazing came into our life, we’d celebrate it without question. We’re pretty ungrateful to our bodies, though. As a people, we spend way…
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Picture of Woman on Swing at Sunset

Total Body Awareness – Listen…even to your own ear

Awareness campaigns, events, and visible pink lights on landmark Chicago buildings help keep specific epidemics and health threats present in our mind, but the special theme months also become part of the noise of our busy lives. Calendar reminders, emails, social media, text messages, phone calls, and streaming videos have filled our eyeballs, fingertips, and…
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Picture of Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon

Awareness: Breast or Total Body?

October is national breast cancer awareness month. You know, the month where athletes wear bright pink, retail outlets cover their shelves with pink merchandise, some folx slap a pink ribbon magnet on their car, and we all ”become aware”.  Breast cancer is not the #1 cause of death for women, and yet it (and only…
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Picture of Women's Wrist Watch


Doing the Scary Thing

I wrote a novel.  In a month.  Without a plan of any kind. It was deliciously terrifying!  I dove into a community of writers working towards this lofty goal of creating 50,000 words in a single month with nothing more than the plan to write something every day.  My inspiration was my friend, Jen, who…
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Back to School Special!

From 8/29 – 9/7 you’ll be given a Back-to-School gift pack with the purchase of a full-length 5 or 10 class card! What do you get? Be one of the FIRST TEN PEOPLE to purchase a full-length 5-Class Card ($70) and get…   ***one $10 gift certificate from Noktivo Non-Toxic Spa & Beauty Boutique ***one 10 minute…
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