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Empowerment Center

Motivation – Workout!

It’s our first ever vlog!  Check it out on YouTube:

Bellydance Brings Me Joy

Joy. That’s the goal, right? Search for “Joy” in GoodReads and you’ll find 20,844 books to sift through. We’re supposed to find a mate that brings us joy, a job that brings us joy, and for sure our hobbies are designed to bring us joy. What works for me? Bellydance. I started bellydancing on a…
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LOCAL Places I Go

I’ve become a huge supporter of the “Shop Local” movement since opening the studio. I’ve always liked neighborhood shopping over the mall environment, but it wasn’t until being a local business that I realized how important these shops are to their communities. So, where/how do I shop local? Here are my regular spots! This is…
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Beginners Welcome

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about classes at the studio (all of them) is “Is [insert class name] ok for beginners?” and I love it. I love that question because I get to answer, “YES!” for all but one. Trying something new can be scary, but the studio is designed to…
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Pilates Mat – An Expectations Post

So what can you expect at Hip Circle Studio classes?  I’m going to do my best to give you a peek into the different classes we offer through a series of “Expectations” posts.  Of course, seeing is believing, so I hope this is just enough information to help you give a class a try.  Nothing…
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Thanksgiving Thank You

I have a silly job, when you boil it down.  I stand in front of a room full of ladies and jump around with a smile on my face for hour-long sessions.  I sweat for a living.  My industry and profession do not receive immediate respect like that given to doctors and lawyers, and we…
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Judgement-Free Zone

“This is a Judgement-Free Zone” was a common phrase at the studio last week, and I loved both saying and hearing it over and over.  In a nutshell, this phrase sums up why I wanted to create the studio in the first place, so having it be an accepted idea today, 5+ years after opening, makes…
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HCS Local Finds – Maike's Marvels

Hip Circle Studio is a fierce supporter of small and local businesses, and we encourage you to be one, too!  Take a look at some of our favorite local shops, services, artists, and eateries – we’ll profile at least 2 each month in our HCS Local Finds series. If you’re looking for an eclectic gift…
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From the Archives…Nothing

I did something new this week.  Nothing.  For 43 minutes.  It was kinda awesome! . . . I’m a Doer.  I prefer to DO things, all the time, in a lot of different ways.  I can sit quietly, but when I do I’m still Doing…reading, knitting, watching TV (rarely), something. It wasn’t intentional.  I set…
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