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Empowerment Center

After-class photo of three on-screen students and three in-studio women

On the Other Side

I’m not really sure we’re “on the other side” of the pandemic fully, but we are at least on the other side of the 2020/2021 quarantine. The 16 months of living differently has had an impact on all of us, regardless of what comes next. While most of the changes Covid19 brought along with it…
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Dodging Diet Culture

We do this move in Moxie Boxing called “dodge,” and I cue it by talking about ducking out of the way of an imaginary opponent. The move gets your heart-rate up, strengthens your glutes, quads, and calves, wakes up your abductors and adductors, and can be silly and fun. I wish avoiding Diet Culture was…
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Do I have to?

Do I have to? Short answer…no.

Hip Circle Remote Streaming Class

Sweat Separately, Stand Together

Sweat Separately, Stand Together It has been a whirlwind of a March and I am beyond proud of the community we’ve built at Hip Circle. Some lessons/observations that have come out of our shift to virtual classes: Community Matters – While we know community is important, so much so that it’s a key part of…
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Hip Circle Race Against Hate Finishers

Weight Wait Don't Tell Me

Weight Wait Don’t Tell Me By Malik Turley “Have you lost weight?”  Wait. “You’ve lost weight, you look great!”  Wait.  “Girl, you’re getting skinny!” Weight. I made a significant change in my life fourteen weeks ago. This change has had (is having) a profound impact on me physically and mentally. The impacts are visible. The…
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Picture of Women with visible Gray Hairs

Gray Hair, Do Care – 2018 Body Positivity Photo Shoot

With one day to spare, we squeezed in our 2018 Body Positivity Photo Shoot on Sunday, 12/30/18. Instead of focusing on a policed item of clothing (like bathing suits, shorts, and sleeveless tops), we went a different direction this year. Gray hair is something women are taught to fear (much like anything deemed to be a…
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Hip Circle Studio

Howard Street

Howard Street by Betsy Wilson When Hip Circle decided to move from our cozy space off Main Street to our spacious new Howard Street home, I was excited about the possibilities that the extra square feet would create: more classes, additional programming, more people.  And, holy cow, did the center turn out great! Since then,…
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Picture of Woman Reading

8 Weeks – A Holiday Survival Guide

In this moment of calm before the storm of holiday let’s take a moment to focus on something really important. You.   Yes, you.   You are likely the first “thing” to move down on the priority list in the face of holiday meals, decorating, gifts, and events. Your needs for time to yourself often…
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Picture of Women with Arms up in Silhouette

Hip Circle Empowerment Center expands to bring bellydance and women’s empowerment to Howard Street

Hip Circle Empowerment Center expands to bring bellydance and women’s empowerment to Howard Street Evanston, IL 8/29/18 – Hip Circle Empowerment Center is excited to open their new, larger location at 727 Howard Street on September 4, 2018. Now in its eighth year, Hip Circle Empowerment Center continues to offer dance, fitness, and community to…
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Picture of Empty Room

Demo Day!

Picture of Water Droplet and Ripples

Ripple effect

Picture of Sunset