Empowerment Center

Fighting, in Community

Hip Circle’s Executive Director and Board Members will, personally and collectively, donate $34 per class attendee from August 11 – 14, 2022 as a part of Evanstonians for Reproductive Rights campaign to raise $100,000 for Planned Parenthood! Join us for one of the following classes and help us extend even more support to women &…
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Two Years to a New You!

Two Years to a New You! It’s time to bring back our Body Positivity Photo Shoot after a pandemic hiatus, in a way that is as different as we all are. When sheltering-in-place and quarantining started back in March of 2020 none of us realized what was in store, or how much we’d change in…
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Starting Over

We start over a lot, far more than we realize. While I’m preparing for a major life change it’s got me reflecting on all the starting over I’ve done recently and will continue to do. Starting over after… 51 years in one country, 22 years at one address, 12 years in a brick-and-mortar, 4 years…
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Hip Circle as a Global Community

Hip Circle as a Global Community After 12 years of serving our community through a brick-and-mortar studio Hip Circle is 100% online and going global. To support both our mission and our community we have created a virtual studio space in which our members can connect. While you’ll still find our public pages on Facebook…
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Break the Bias

No Apologies

I have felt friction around the body positivity and body neutrality movements all along. They both hold well-intentioned ideas and, for many, are helpful in moving away from the self-hatred the mainstream world inspires. Only one chapter in to Sonya Renee Taylor’s book and I think I’ve (finally) found someone who is putting into words…
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After-class photo of three on-screen students and three in-studio women

On the Other Side

I’m not really sure we’re “on the other side” of the pandemic fully, but we are at least on the other side of the 2020/2021 quarantine. The 16 months of living differently has had an impact on all of us, regardless of what comes next. While most of the changes Covid19 brought along with it…
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Dodging Diet Culture

We do this move in Moxie Boxing called “dodge,” and I cue it by talking about ducking out of the way of an imaginary opponent. The move gets your heart-rate up, strengthens your glutes, quads, and calves, wakes up your abductors and adductors, and can be silly and fun. I wish avoiding Diet Culture was…
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Do I have to?

Do I have to? Short answer…no.


All Winter 2021 Classes PWYC

Thanks to our generous donors all HCEC Winter Classes are offered on a PWYC basis! Check our schedule to find a PWYC class and plan your visit.