Bellydance Brings Me Joy

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Bellydance Brings Me Joy

Joy. That’s the goal, right? Search for “Joy” in GoodReads and you’ll find 20,844 books to sift through. We’re supposed to find a mate that brings us joy, a job that brings us joy, and for sure our hobbies are designed to bring us joy. What works for me? Bellydance.

I started bellydancing on a whim about 13 years ago, but the true joy-bringing magic didn’t kick in until I started dancing every day. Adding this daily dance practice into my routine showed me just what I was getting out of bellydancing. Joy!

There’s something about the combination of the music, the use of my muscles and bones, the creativity, and the expression that fits together to make me smile.  I typically get 2-3 bouts of dancing in per day – my daily personal practice, my 100Days Improv practice, and teaching – which leaves me a pretty joyful person!  Here’s one of my 100Days Improv Challenge™ videos that feels like a good representation of how joyful bellydance makes me.  Enjoy!

What will you do today (and tomorrow, and the next day) that will bring you joy? Start with a couple of minutes per day and see where that takes you!