Two Years to a New You!

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Two Years to a New You!

Two Years to a New You!

It’s time to bring back our Body Positivity Photo Shoot after a pandemic hiatus, in a way that is as different as we all are. When sheltering-in-place and quarantining started back in March of 2020 none of us realized what was in store, or how much we’d change in the process.

We are different now. And that’s ok.

For this year’s (virtual) photo shoot I want to highlight how we’ve changed outside, like this:

Before (photo from early 2020) AND After (photo from 2022)

before after

And, more importantly, inside. What have we learned about our bodies, minds, and spirits over the last two years? How are we different? What are we doing differently at this marker in time? What do we imagine will keep changing over the next few years?

These last two years have held a lot of loss and fear. I’m looking forward to reflecting on all that is different in and for each of us and celebrating what can be celebrated. To join me for this (virtual) photoshoot, fill out this google form to express your interest in participating. Let's explore it all!


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