Through dance, fitness, and community we empower ALL women to believe they are strong, beautiful, and worthy of attention.

Hip Circle has done some pretty amazing things over the last 14 years, and I will forever be proud of the community we’ve developed. There is power in women coming together and focusing on themselves, what they CAN do, and taking care of each other. From the earliest days with classes scattered around the Chicago area, to the time when we inhabited spaces on Washington & Howard Streets in Evanston, to today when we connect online, one thing has been confirmed: Our students are awesome.

With the shift back to “normal after the pandemic” (which is still here), we’ve seen our numbers dwindle. While we still firmly believe in our mission and in the value we provide, the fact is that we no longer have the resources to continue to offer classes and community as we have been so Hip Circle Empowerment Center will be closing as of December 26, 2022.

Our amazing teachers are all still teaching and would love to see you in their classrooms. You’ll find them here:

I will be taking some time to figure out what’s next for me personally. In addition to finishing my studies to become a Certified Yoga Therapist, I do imagine I’ll be teaching something somewhere - it’s what I do, after all. You can watch for updates.

We appreciate the contributions to the 2022 Year End campaign. Your support will enable us to finish strong. We’ll keep you all informed as soon as more information becomes available about how any remaining assets will be donated to charitable organizations that share our mission.

Again, I thank you all for your support over the years. I believe we did make a difference and got things moving toward our ultimate goal of changing the world.

Until the next adventure -



Women are stronger than society wants them to know.


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