Re-Birthday Thank You

Empowerment Center

Re-Birthday Thank You


PHEW!  What a whirlwind!  We launched (with one heck of a party) on 6/1 and have been running ever since!  Please allow me a moment to thank ALL THE PEOPLE who came together to help make the night a success:

Our AMAZING Volunteers

DainaVolunteerI know that all events take team work, and that a lot of people who throw events think they have the best team ever.  I’m also pretty sure that the group of people who showed up BIG for the center on 6/1 are the best ever.  Daina and Carol literally dropped everything the evening before the event to devote their entire day to helping me make the event happen.  I am not exaggerating one bit.  Add to them the three ladies who responded to my (somewhat desperate) plea for mid-day help – Alisa, Katherine, and Indra – and you can see where I’m going with this.  The evening awards go to Lizzie, Kaitlyn, and Naomi for managing the check in and out (and ALL THE SHOES) and to my dear husband, Bill, for tending bar with a smile.  Seriously – we could NOT have done this without these folks!


Now, some people had a bit more notice of our needs of them, and they deserve praise, too.  The space looked amazing and the flow of the evening was a success thanks to the efforts of Joey of Events by Joey.  Annette of Bordeaux Studio used her amazing photography skills to capture the evening.  Suzanne Shumaker of Shumaker Design Associates created a vision of what the future center could look like.  Mara & Daina Jauntirans used their amazing crafting skills to create our pretend cake that looked awesome!

We were well-fed thanks to La Principal (thanks, Eric!) and well-watered thanks to Ward Eight (thanks, Cody!) and Sketchbook (thanks, Alice!).  Sweety Pies Bakery (thanks, Dana!) made two wonderful cakes to make sure everyone got dessert (one cake was gluten free, the other was gluten & dairy free, and both were delicious).


We had music all evening thanks to the talents of Danielle & Hannah (violin duet), Beth Rivelli & Dan Katz (guitar duet), and Jeremy Denny (guitar).  Ann Rainey was especially gracious in her kind introduction and I got the chance to share a bit of my dreams and intentions for the nonprofit.  Thanks to Kate we captured the talking portion of the evening via Facebook Live if you want to take a look & listen.


Speaking of the nonprofit, our full board was in attendance that evening, working and celebrating, and they get thanks, too.  Thanks go out to Donna Su, President, Jenna Beltrano, Treasurer, and Tiana Kubik, Secretary for gathering wonderful silent auction donations (there were so many great items I’m going to give them their own post next week) and to woman-ing our donation cake station. Fay Bomberg, our newest board member at the event, was our biggest donor of the evening thanks to her Cake Topper donation!


The evening was wonderful and was a great kick off for this new chapter as well as a celebration of the last 7 years.  Together we raised over $3500 for the center.  We have a lot more to do this year to make all the dreams become realities and I am beyond grateful for everyone’s support!  Let’s do this!