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Parent & Child Classes

Empowerment Center


For our adult fitness classes, daughters 7-11 may attend (for the regular class fee) with their mother. Girls 12+ are welcome in our adult classes on their own. Babies of all genders are welcome to be worn at any of our bellydance classes and are welcome to share your mat in Pilates until they start crawling. Children of all genders are welcome in our family workshops if they are within the published age range for the content. For safety & permitting reasons, we do not allow children/babies to be in the space without participating in classes/workshops/events. While we're sheltering in place, kids are welcome to stream in with mom for all of our classes.

Dance With Me, Toddler!

Hip Circle Toddler Dance with Me
This is a great way to start creating an active lifestyle for your family, and is fun to boot! You and your toddler will have the opportunity to explore the movements inherent to dance, creating muscle tone and awareness. Your toddler will have the freedom to follow the ebb and flow of their interest. Toddler-friendly props will be introduced throughout the series. There is no maximum age for the adult, but the tot should be between 1—3!

Mother/Daughter Bellydance
Family Moxie Boxing
Family Yoga
YDM (Yoga Dance Meditation) for Families