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New and Returning Membership Options

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New and Returning Membership Options

Inspired by the (rainy) arrival of spring, we are announcing a few new membership options and specials!

Mother/Daughter Membership 

We want to encourage our younger clients to visit the studio, with or without their moms, and this new membership option makes that more possible for families.  $149 per pair per month and applicable to moms with daughters age 12 or older, this 6-month membership is a great way to prepare for the changes spring and summer bring.

Spring Into Health 12-month Membership

Save by making a full-year’s commitment to yourself with this limited-time (only available through 4/15) special.  $1089 per person and you get all the benefits of our Half-Circle membership at a discount.

6-month Half-Circle Membership (all-in-one)

If you don’t want to lock in a full year, you can take advantage of this 6-month, limited-time offer.  $599 per person for all our awesome Half-Circle membership benefits, discounted.

One Month Unlimited (Contract-Free)

If commitment isn’t your thing and you still want to save while visiting a lot, we’ve added this new option.  $150 per person for unlimited classes for a single month.  It will auto-renew for you (or you can turn that off) for maximum convenience with zero long-term obligation.

We still have our normal class cards and drop-in options, as well as our regular contract memberships with monthly dues.  We want you to be able to access the studio in whatever way works best for you.

Let’s have an AWESOME spring (and summer and…) together!