Monthly Empowerment Events

Empowerment Center

Monthly Empowerment Events

We are excited to announce the launching of two new monthly events facilitated by Malik for women – the Empowerment Circle and the EmPower Lunch.

The Empowerment Circles, held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, give us the time and space to come together as women. We’ll dig into discussion topics like how language impacts our real and perceived strength (June), what role age plays in our interactions with others (July), and how sexuality impacts our relationships (August).  Reserve your spot at the table for July!

The EmPower Lunch, held on the last Tuesday of each month, is for all LadyBosses – owners, directors, and any woman in a decision-making role at work. Each brown-bag session will focus on problem solving and will call upon everyone in the room to share their insight and ideas.  We’d love to talk business with you!

There is no set fee to attend either the Empowerment Circle or the EmPower Lunch.  Donations to the Hip Circle Empowerment Center will be collected at each event and all attendees are encouraged to contribute to expand the work we do.