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Hip Circle Studio is a fierce supporter of small and local businesses, and we encourage you to be one, too!  Take a look at some of our favorite local shops, services, artists, and eateries – we’ll profile at least 2 each month in our HCS Local Finds series.

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If you’re looking for an eclectic gift for yourself or someone else, check out Maike’s Marvels.  Her offerings range from wall art to wearable art and can be found at some of our lovely Evanston shops (including The Collage Cafe here in the Main Street shopping district) or ordered directly from Maike via her Etsy shop.  She’s coming up on her 5-year anniversary (quite a milestone for us micro-businesses)!  In addition to her design work, Maike is very involved in the small business/artist entrepreneur community.  Get to know her and her business a bit through the following Q&A:

2015-10-01 15.40.02 Q: What’s your favorite part about being an Evanston business?
 A: Living in a community that offers opportunities for the arts, has a thriving community of artists and makes art available to the public through a variety of fairs and events like Open Studios Evanston.
 Q: How does your business cater to women?
 A: I enable women to adorn themselves with meaningful pieces that speak to the soul.
Q: How does your business cater to families?
A: I create a lot of custom gifts that incorporate the birthstones of family members, their favorite quotes or songs, and help family members feel loved by receiving or being incorporated into a jewelry piece the recipient wears close to their heart.
Q: Do you have any upcoming events we should bookmark?
A: The Holiday Show in Elmhurst November 6, and a few pop-ups in local boutiques for the holiday season.
Q: How does “Confidence. Health. Joy.” resonate with you in terms of your business?

A: I infuse joy into my pieces and when a woman is complimented on their fabulous jewelry it gives them a spring in their step that boosts their confidence.
As a small business owner, your tag line is also a reminder to keep confidence, health and joy in my life, as each of these help me be a better artist and person.

Supporting small and local businesses is a group effort.  Mention that you discovered Maike’s Marvels on Hip Circle Studio’s page and get a $5 discount. use coupon code: HANDMADELOVE on Etsy:

 2015-10-01 15.43.25

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