Empowerment Center


It is time for the studio to grow into what it has been trying to be all along.  When I set out to open the space back in 2010 my focus was on community.  My teaching life at that point was scattered around the area, teaching one or two classes a week at a variety of places.  The idea for the studio came from the students – when asked how best to market all the things I was doing they said they wanted it all to be in one place so that they could benefit from the community.

The community was the missing link, and we have created that and then some at Hip Circle Studio.  There are a few things that are part of what makes our studio community so special, and those will be enhanced in this new stage of growth.

  • We’re all women – being surrounded by women is amazing.  We share experiences even when our paths are different from the woman standing next to us in class. 
  • We focus on the positive (or learn to) – our language is positive.  Our actions are positive.  The studio gives us a break from all the negativity out in the world so we can face it all with our (strong) shoulders pulled back. 
  • We’re here for wellness – in all of its forms.  We all walk into the studio for our own reasons and respect the others we find here.  Our focus is on the whole experience of moving our bodies or learning whatever we’re learning, and we believe we have worth right now (or learn to) as opposed to becoming worthy when we reach a goal. 
  • We’re all different – and celebrate those differences.  This may be my favorite thing.  I love looking out at a room full of students and seeing such variety! 

StretchGrowing the studio into the Hip Circle Empowerment Center will give us room to extend the awesome community feeling we’ve created to more women & girls.  Being explicit in the intention of the space will give us room to offer more programming around how to take up space in the world as strong, empowered women. Being a nonprofit will allow us to open up our community experience to ALL women, regardless of their current financial situation.

It’s going to be AWESOME!