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If you…

…identify as a woman AND

…are choosing to let your gray hair grow,

our 2018 Body Positivity Photo Shoot needs YOU!

Women are given many signals NOT to let their grays show and we think it’s time to shift that narrative. If you’ve got a full head of gray/silver/white hair or just the first few strands coming in we’d love to feature YOU in this year’s Body Positivity Photo Shoot. We’ll come together on Sunday, 12/30/18 at 2 pm for group and solo photos and will finish up the afternoon with a FREE class for all participants.

Ready? Sign up here to be a 2018 Body Positivity Photo Shoot participant!

The details:

  • Date: Sunday, December 30, 2018
  • Time: 2 – 4 pm
  • Location: We’ll gather at Hip Circle Empowerment Center first, then will head out into the neighborhood for photos (indoor and outdoor, so do wear a coat).
  • Who: If you identify as a woman and have gray hair we want you!
  • Dress: Whatever you’d like! We’ll be doing group shots out and about as well as headshot-style closeups at Hip Circle.
  • After-party: We’ll finish up with a FREE class at Hip Circle, so bring workout attire if you don’t dress in it to begin with (no fitness shoes needed – we’ll be barefoot)
  • All photos taken will be shared with all participants and will be used in blog posts from Hip Circle Empowerment Center. All participants will be expected to complete a brief survey about the photo shoot within 24 hours of the shoot for use in the blog posts.
  • There is no fee to participate and no payment for participating – this is a 100% volunteer/community event

Take a look at our past shoots:

Now it’s YOUR turn! Sign up here to be a 2018 Body Positivity Photo Shoot participant!


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