Bellydance – Where do I start?

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Bellydance - Where do I start

Ready to bellydance?  We want you to jump in with both hips and get the most out of your HCEC classes, and we get this question a lot. You might be looking to just have fun and move in a different way, or maybe you're ready to dig in and learn the subtleties of the dance form - either way, we've got options for you. The suggestions below come from Malik's years of teaching experience and are designed to help you enjoy your dance time.  If you have further questions, please ask! We're happy to help you find the right class for you!

Phase 1: Bellydance BaseFusion - Start Here, Return Here
We recommend every dancer new to bellydance at Hip Circle start here. Bellydance BaseFusion is our beginning level class that even the most experienced dancers can benefit from. You'll learn basic (think keystone, not simple) moves and get a taste for Malik's teaching style.  Both will help you make the most of the other classes. Bellydance BaseFusion is also easy enough on your body that it's easy to double up, either with another conditioning class on the same night, or with other bellydance classes throughout the week.

Phase 2: CardioBelly and/or Bellydance Drills & Conditioning
Either of these classes is a great second stop on our bellydance train! They each have a different focus, can each be taken by someone new to bellydance or by experienced dancers, and they'll both give you a workout.

  • CardioBelly's focus is on FUN - we move, we dance, we smile.  What doesn't happen is a lot of teaching.  This is more of a follow the leader style class and the emphasis is on having a good time through bellydance more than becoming a technique maven.
  • Bellydance Drills & Conditioning has the focus on FORM - what muscles are we using to make each move happen, how do we build them, and then putting them to use through dance drills.  Lots of instruction here!  Oh, and if Bellydance BaseFusion doesn't work with your schedule, both of these are open to all levels.  You know yourself best- do you want to jump in and move, or have more guidance along the way?

Phase 3: Bellydance FlairFusion, Datura Style, and/or Bellydance TechFusion
These three classes are reserved for dancers with at least the basics down, so we want to meet you in one of the other three offerings first.  Bellydance FlairFusion & Datura Style are both workshops - you sign up and commit to a multi-week series or a longer one-day workshop and focus in on learning as a cohesive group.

  • Bellydance FlairFusion is where you'll learn a structured choreography or composition from beginning to end with education around performance skills along the way.
  • Datura Style is our newest format (Malik was the first teacher in the midwest to earn the right to teach this style) that is a Group Improvisational Style of Tribal Fusion bellydance.  Think layers, traveling, zills, and learning to communicate through dance with a troupe.
  • Bellydance TechFusion is a class so you can pop in and out, though the material is best if you can commit to class every week.  We move
    through different focus topics that include props, specific vocabulary, and general performance technique.

There is an expectation of personal practice outside of the studio for all the classes and workshops in Phase 3.  If you have previous dance experience elsewhere we still encourage you to give one of our Phase 1 or 2 classes a go before jumping into Phase 3.  If that doesn't work for you please just email Malik to discuss how best to start with Phase 3.