All Women Welcome Here

Empowerment Center

All Women Welcome Here

Ladies, the studio is here for you.  I posted these words on our Facebook page yesterday:

We see and honor you. Yes you, all of you women.
LGBTQ women are welcome.
Women of all religions are welcome.
Women of all colors are welcome.
Women of all abilities are welcome.

If you don’t have the resources to come on your own, let us know – we’ll work to find you a patron.
If you don’t have a friend to come with for your first visit, let us know – we’ll connect you with a buddy.
If you don’t have a way to get to us, let us know – you can stream in from home or we’ll find someone to help you get to class.

We see you, we honor you, and we want you here, surrounded by other women who see and honor you. You have a safe space here.

rp_image001-150x150.jpegIn response to that post, studio members have stepped up and declared themselves ready.  Ready to help make and keep Hip Circle Studio open to all women.  We have had multiple sponsorship offers which will enable us to make the studio more accessible to more women.

It may feel like a small thing…it isn’t.  Making and seeking community can make change.  Making and taking time for yourself will give you the reserves you need to be able to be there for others.  Connecting with other women who believe you to be of value will help you own your strength and power.

The studio is open.  It is open for you.  Please, come in.  We’ll change the world together.cb-for-fb