About the Center

Hip Circle Studio ExteriorHip Circle Empowerment Center is a supportive and positive space for women and girls. Through a full schedule of dance and fitness offerings, the center helps women meet their wellness goals, find an outlet for their creative expression, and connect with a community of women with similar wants and needs. We welcome ALL women and aim to inspire confidence, health, and joy in all stages of life.

We offer classes, workshops, personal training, fitness nutrition coaching, parties, and more!  Founded in June, 2010, the center is woman owned and operated.  As a community minded and driven space, we are an active member of the Main-Dempster Mile and the Evanston Chamber of Commerce.

Hip Circle Empowerment Center welcomes all women, regardless of age, size, fitness level, religion, race, social class, sexuality, and any other possible discriminating factor.

Our goal is to inspire Confidence, Health, and Joy through all the stages of your life.