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Beth – Change Instigator, Board MemberBeth Hurd

Beth Hurd lives in south Evanston with her husband, three daughters, dog and cat. She discovered HCEC in spring 2017 and loves everything about it, including the sense of community, emphasis on fitness inside and out, and women’s empowerment that define the Center’s mission. She attends Mother-Daughter Bellydance, Pilates, Gentle Yoga and Kettlebell AMPD classes, in addition to HCEC workshops including book club and restorative yoga. In her spare time, Beth is a professor of global politics and religion at Northwestern. She also enjoys traveling, baking, and swimming, and is an aspiring knitter and triathlete (though not at the same time).


Betsy – Change Instigator, Board Member

Betsy Wilson is a lawyer, mitigation specialist, and yogini. Professionally, she’s spent her career as a lawyer working in civil rights and criminal defense, and she specializes in investigating and telling the life stories of folks accused of serious crimes. Personally, she has great interest in the connection between yoga, body awareness, trauma, and healing. She’s lived in Evanston for more than a decade, is the mother of two teenagers, and has a house full of canines, felines, and various foster kitties.


Cara – Change Agent, Teacher

Cara teaches a Gentle Yoga class with an emphasis on adjusting to where each student is at in their own personal journey on their mat.  She shares her knowledge of yoga along with its ancient history and couples that with an awareness of what each asana brings to the body, therefore informing and hopefully empowering students to more deeply experience yoga both in class and in their personal practice.

She feels it is important for the beginning and basic asana to be learned correctly and at the pace of the learner so that they can then build upon their yoga practice


Donna – Change Instigator, Board President

Donna Wang Su is excited and inspired to be President for the Hip Circle Empowerment Center board of directors with a personal passion for female empowerment,  beauty & fitness, and spreadsheets.  Professionally, she works full-time at Northwestern University but on the side, she volunteers often whether it is at her kids’ school in Evanston, coaching their AYSO teams or for the City of Evanston.  She has served as past Chairman for the Board of Directors for alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. as well as other executive board positions for varying nonprofit organizations.  Her favorite HCEC classes include Dance With Me, Toddler (her first intro to HCEC back in 2010!), Pilates, Kettlebell, Yoga, and Stretch & Roll.


Fay2017Fay – Change Instigator, Board Member

Fay Bomberg is a born and raised Evanstonian who has returned to her hometown after raising a family of 4 (3 sons and a daughter) in River Forest.  In fact, she lives in a house that is only 1 1/2 blocks from the home where she grew up in south Evanston.   She has worked as a psychiatric nurse (at Evanston Hospital) trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and recently became certified as a parent coach.  She loves yoga, cooking, travel, and walking.

Lizzie – Change Agent, Center Admin

Lizzie has been dancing with Malik for more than ten years, and has been a student, fan, and supporter of Hip Circle since it opened in 2007. You can sometimes find her working the desk, teaching belly dance classes and workshops – often with a splash of Bollywood flair, or taking advantage of the many workshop, dance, and fitness offerings at the Center. She currently lives in Evanston with her husband, father-in-law, awesome teenage daughter, and an assortment of friendly critters. When not at the Center, she can often be found cooking, gardening, peace-ing out at the lakefront, or working on Medicaid behavioral health policy for the State of Illinois DCFS.



Malik – Change Instigator, Founder, Executive Director, Teacher

Malik founded Hip Circle Studio and transitioned it into Hip Circle Empowerment Center for one reason – to change the world.  She found personal and professional change through bellydance and fitness and spends as much time as possible doing both while being surrounded by awesome women.

She is honored to be the mother of three children, all of whom are taller than her, and to have recently celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary.  She is also very involved in her community.