Empowering through Movement™

Learn to teach dance and fitness to those who identify as women and girls through this innovative and empowering training approach.

The intention of our Empowering through Movement™ 100-hour Teacher Training (EtM) program is to transmit our methodology and philosophy of teaching dance/fitness to those who identify as women.

2019 Cohort Details:

  • The cohort will meet for group study and practice one Sunday each month from February – July in addition to completing self-study assignments, teaching assignments, and assessments.
  • Attendance at all Sunday sessions (12-4 pm: 2/24, 3/24, 4/7, 5/5, 6/2, 7/7) is expected.
  • The personal financial investment for this training is $900 (sliding scale options are available) and includes:
    • all training materials
    • CPR certification, and
    • a 6-month Full-Circle membership to Hip Circle Empowerment Center
    • (total value of over $1600 dollars)
  • Applications for the 2019 cohort will be accepted through January 11, 2019 to allow time for pre-work to be completed for our February 24, 2019 kick-off date.
  • Graduates of the 2019 cohort will have, by the time they have earned their Empowering through Movement™ certification:
    • learned to teach a Hip Circle Empowerment Center course,
    • developed their own course from start to finish,
    • earned their AFAA Group Exercise Instructor certification, AND
    • earned their Empowering through Movement™ certification.

Please click here to apply for consideration