About the Center

Hip Circle Studio ExteriorHip Circle Empowerment Center is a supportive and positive space for ALL women and girls. Through a full schedule of dance and fitness offerings, the center helps women meet their wellness goals, find an outlet for their creative expression, and connect with a community of women with similar wants and needs. We welcome ALL women and aim to inspire confidence, health, and joy in all stages of life.

Mission: Through dance, fitness, and community we empower ALL women to believe they are strong, beautiful, and worthy of attention.

Vision: The Hip Circle Empowerment Center is a safe space for women of all ages, backgrounds, and economic status. It brings together women from across societal boundaries for shared experiences. Through dance and fitness, women are empowered to joyfully inhabit their bodies. Through personal and professional development, women are empowered to courageously accomplish their goals. Through involvement in the studio community, women are empowered to confidently make their voices heard.

We offer classes, workshops, personal training, fitness nutrition coaching, parties, and more! We first opened in June 2010, as Hip Circle Studio.  In June of 2017, we became a nonprofit to expand access to our services and be truer to our mission.   As a community-minded and driven space, we are an active member of the Howard Street Merchants Group and the Black Owned Business Consortium of Evanston/Northshore.

Hip Circle Empowerment Center welcomes all who identify as women, regardless of age, size, fitness level, religion, race, social class, sexuality, gender assigned at birth, and any other possible discriminating factor.

Our goal is to inspire Confidence, Health, and Joy through all the stages of your life.


While we’re between locations, a few things will be different:

* Pre-registration is REQUIRED for all classes.
* If a class as less than 2 people registered at 2 hours before the class start time, that class will be canceled.
* Classes will be held at either 818 Washington Street, Brummel Park, or South Boulevard Beach. The class location is noted as the “room” when you register.
* The 818 Washington Street location (used for Gentle Yoga only) has a staircase to climb and an occasional cat visitor (the cat won’t be in the classroom with us) – please be mindful of these differences when making your class registrations.
* Tokens are required for beach access and can be reserved at time of registration (we’ll have limited numbers available on a first-booked basis). If you have your own token please bring it with you.
* Inclement weather may cause cancelation of classes held at the park and beach. Notifications will be sent to all registered students via email and (if you’ve opted in) text message.

We appreciate everyone’s flexibility and we look forward to moving into our new location as quickly as possible!