8 Weeks – A Holiday Survival Guide

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8 Weeks – A Holiday Survival Guide

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In this moment of calm before the storm of holiday let’s take a moment to focus on something really important.



Yes, you.


You are likely the first “thing” to move down on the priority list in the face of holiday meals, decorating, gifts, and events. Your needs for time to yourself often seem insignificant when held up against those of your family member who needs a ride, or that friend who is facing a rough holiday after some life changes, or surprising a child (yours or someone else’s) with the Perfect Gift.

Your Needs Count.

Now is a great time to map out an 8-week plan for preserving your sanity and holiday joy – what will you do each week to be sure you stay near the top of your priority list? Here’s one example for you, and we encourage you to share your own:

Week 1 – 11/4 – 11/10: Grab a book and end each day with reading a chapter (keep this up throughout the season)

Week 2, 11/11 – 11/17: Make one just-for-you plan for the holiday weekend in advance (we recommend the Pre-Turkey Fitness Party or the Choreo Blast on Friday).

Week 3, 11/18 – 24: Reserve the first 10 minutes of each day to write 3 things you’re thankful for and leave them somewhere you will see them. (keep this up throughout the season)

Week 4: 11/25-12/1: Add yourself to your gift list and, instead of buying something, make a donation to an organization you care about.

Week 5: 12/2 – 12/8: Get in the car (or board a bus) and look for unique holiday decorations, perhaps for a holiday you DON’T celebrate.

Week 6: 12/9 – 12/15: Fight the urge to hibernate and get out and take a class with a friend (might we recommend one of ours?) (keep this up throughout the season)

Week 7: 12/16 – 12/22: Make lunch-time special with a trip to a new restaurant or by making your lunch from home a bit fancier than usual. Eat alone and really taste your food.

Week 8: 12/23 – 12/29: Make a list of all the things you accomplished in 2018 and tell a friend to do the same. Congratulate each other on a year well spent.

Last 2 days: 12/30 – 12/31: Look back at the holiday season and pledge to make and take time for yourself again next year.

What will YOUR next 8 weeks look like? We’d love to know so we can cheer you on!