3 Class Flight

Empowerment Center

3-Class Flight: Get a taste of what the center has to offer!

Smiling studio ladiesAre you ready to get a taste of what the center has to offer? Try our 3-class flight – a $60 value for only $48!

You get to sample one class from each format offered on our delicious schedule and can try them all in one week or linger over the course of 3 months.  You’ll get:

  • 1 Mat class (Yoga, Pilates, Pilates Plus, or Exercise Ball Core Conditioning)
  • 1 Strength/Cardio class (MoxieBoxing™, Kettlebell, or Strength Circle)
  • 1 Dance class (Bellydance BaseFusion™, CardioBelly™, or Bellydance Drills & Conditioning).

Order up your 3-class flight today!

You could be in the center as early as tomorrow (unless tomorrow is Saturday), connecting with the wonderful women who call the center their wellness home. Join us!